polling locations


Fire House

  • East 1
    • Street Rd (from 2nd Street Pike to right after Marigold Ave.)
    • 2nd Street Pike (Klinger Middle School Side) from Street Rd to Bristol Road
    • Strathmann Rd (from Spring View to the Cul-de-Sac)
    • Cybus Way
    • Cherry Lane
    • Pinewood Rd.
    • Redwood Dr.
    • Carlin Dr
    • Estate Lane
    • Charter Ct
    • Churchville Rd
    • Eden Ct
    • Plum St
    • Orchard Ave
    • Central Ave
    • East Maple Dr
    • West Maple Dr
    • Woodland Dr.
    • Morning Glory Dr
    • Marigold Dr.
    • Hillside Dr
    • Manor Lane
    • Rose Ave (South Side)
    • School Lane
    • Longfield Dr.
    • Fawn Dr.
  • South 1

  • South 2

925 Street Road, Southampton, PA

Community Center

  • North 1
  • West 1
  • West 2
    • New Rd
    • Buckstone Dr
    • Andrew Dr
    • Woodhaven Dr
    • Zinn Dr
    • Tina Dr
    • Nicole Dr
    • Allen Lane
    • Rose Valley Rd
    • Russel Dr
    • Holly Dr
    • Marian Ave
    • Charles St
    • Dogwood Dr
    • Yale Dr
    • Kendall Ct
    • Springfield Dr
    • Rick Rd
    • Belmont Ave
    • Hampton Ave
    • Summit Ave
    • County Line ( just before New Rd to Second Street Pike)

913 Willow Street, Southampton, PA

North and South Reformed Church

  • East 2

1380 Bristol Road, Southampton, PA

Klinger Middle School

  • North 2

1415 2nd Street Pike, Southampton, PA

Davis Elementary School

  • North 3
  • North 4

475 Maple Avenue, Southampton, PA

polling place


Find your polling place

If you need help locating your polling station you can find it here.

Polling Locations

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